Natural gas pipelines and water sewage networks

BAT Medias SA holds the necessary authorizations issued by ANRE for the execution of works for natural gas pipelines and for sewage networks. These authorizations are ET (natural gas transport no 16510), EPI (natural gas production no 16509), authorized ANRE plumbers of EGT type, welding designees and authorized ISCIR welders. BAT Medias SA performs the works according to the Technical Nomenclature issued by ANRE with Orders no. 118 (in the field of natural gas transport) and no. 1220 (in the field of natural gas production).

The services offered by BAT Medias SA in this field include:

  • Execution, rehabilitation or securing of natural gas pipelines with diameters up to 1200 mm;
  • Execution or rehabilitation of natural gas distribution systems closed distribution systems, as well as installations related to high-pressure biogas/bio methane production/storage activity, high-pressure gas utilization facilities;
  • Execution or rehabilitation of upstream pipelines and surface technological facilities related to the storage of natural gas;
  • Execution of control stations – measuring natural gas operating under high-pressure regime;
  • Execution of water reservoir stations;
  • Execution of related facilities for natural gas compressor stations;
  • Execution of technological nodes;
  • Execution of water and underground pipelines under gas pipelines, in a protective or liquefied tube, operating under high-pressure regime;
  • Implementation of water and sewage networks in the urban or outside the built-up areas of localities.

In addition, we also carry out related works for gas infrastructure and works as follows:

  • Subterranean water pipelines with transport and production pipelines;
  • Water and pipelines subterranean communication with pipelines for transport and production through horizontal guided drilling. Drilling is carried out by a specialized subcontractor;
  • Air crossings.