BAT Medias SA is a company with a long tradition in the execution of natural gas transmission and distribution systems, developed in an area where the exploitation of natural gas has transformed Medias into one of the main centers for the development of the Romanian industry. Natural gas extraction was one of the most important pillars on which Romania’s industrialization was based, including in the development of industry sectors related to natural gas exploitation. Indeed, the natural gas industry has a local history for more than 100 years.

In this favorable context, Bat Medias SA was founded in 1952 and was privatized in 1992. Starting with 2009, BAT Medias acts as an entrepreneur for the execution of natural gas pipelines and surface technological installations built on the local market. Throughout its entire activity, BAT Medias SA has partnered or collaborated with local electricity companies, including Transgaz, Romgaz, Petrom, and Conpet for numerous projects.

We specialize in the implementation of natural gas transmission systems, natural gas distribution systems and high-pressure closed distribution systems, high-pressure natural gas installations, upstream pipelines and surface technology related to natural gas storage, as well as associated facilities and equipment (calibration stations, injection stations, compressor stations, etc.).

We also carry small and medium-sized constructions with on-site installation with an execution authorization from the National Regulatory Authority for Energy, as well as ANRE and ISCIR licenses for our specialists.

BAT Medias SA also provides technological transports with tractor units and semi-trailers and offers rental of construction equipment with operators.



We assume the promises we make to our customers and we always strive to offer them the best results. Regardless of where we operate, the responsibility we undertake or throughout our operations, we work with the same spirit of integrity and respect for all parties involved.


We have a continuing concern to provide quality services to all our customers and collaborators. We focus on raising professional standards, enabling all our employees to improve their skills and use state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.


The performance achieved through a high level of efficiency and the complexity of our projects over the years has ensured us a sustainable presence on the market, as evidenced by our long-standing collaborations with renowned electricity companies.


Our commitment to delivering quality services, constant investment in technology and human capital, the flexibility regarding our customers has helped us become a trusted partner for all our clients and collaborators, with whom we have developed relationships based on communication and cooperation.


Our goal is to always find the most practical solutions to the challenges that may arise during our business so that we can achieve satisfactory results for all our customers. Thus, we strive to improve and constantly perfect our way of doing business.


Our priorities include maintaining a secure work environment and meeting all the safety and quality standards that are required in the field. The same safety measures are also observed in respect of the machinery and equipment used, which are checked periodically.


The BAT Medias team is made up of specialists with experience in different fields of activity, which allows us to have a flexible and competitive approach to the projects we carry out. Our team members also share the same values and principles to provide our customers with quality services.


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